Whoever you are, or whatever it is that you do, when you really want something, it’s because that desire originated in the soul of the universe. It’s your mission on earth”.

Paulo Coelho –The Alchemist

Finding you

It has been the most nerve racking journey of my life. From the initial thought that there seems to be a missing piece of the puzzle to where I’m sat now and scariest part is I’m not even close to where I see myself in the future. Thoughts crash through my head constantly as I struggle to sift through them and attempt to give them meaning…

Meaning, because that’s what it’s really all about isn’t it. What’s the meaning of all this and how does it help me to understand what I yearn to be.

The reason behind this first post comes from my own belief that everyone has a reason. A reason to care, a reason to believe, a reason to push every single day until a simple thought in your head becomes a reality. A reality that only exists in your head until you get the courage to take action.

My reality and my personal philosophy are one and the same, they are built on a problem. This problem is more than something I ponder day in and day out, it is something that fuels my passion and my desire to guide and empower people to connect the dots for themselves. I’ve learnt that people only need a little guidance before they tap into a reservoir of empowerment, just add a little encouragement along the way and its invigorating, the transformation people can make.

Finding myself was a journey I had never considered until I realised it was what I needed.

I found it took time to truly sit down and assess myself. Boy do things get dark when you do this, but coming out the other end I understood what drives me and burns deep in my soul, I found a passion that I could share every single day.

I found that I yearn to fix a problem; this problem is… Individuals at the forefront of information are making it more difficult to understand the primary human right, which is understanding yourself. We are at a stage in human history where we can understand how we are made of the same elements forged in a dying star. Yet, most people can’t remember the last time they didn’t have some sort of pain or the last time they woke up feeling 100%.. Seriously it is not a natural state to be slugging your way through each and every single day, in fact as human beings we should be waking up every single day feeling like we could take on the world, so how about we unlock what it truly means to be a human being.

It has been my passion to find this information and empower others to grow and share.

I have made is my mission to simplify this information and deliver it across a broad spectrum in hope that anyone can apply it in the context of their own lives and pass it on to others.

The truth is these answers are very simple and accessible, however gross amounts of misinformation and pseudo-science have misconstrued the basic principles we knew decades ago. Having this discussion with people I have found that ignorance has become common place. Honestly this is what keeps these thoughts in my head. I now know it is my personal legend to help you uncover what it truly means to be you. You are a prime being so it’s time to empower yourself. I will find a way to educate the world with the knowledge to do this, just watch me.