What is it about a game that makes it more than a game?

It’s a proxy for real life but better, there are continual battles and it seems to carry real consequences but at the end of the day doesn’t matter. It’s war where no body dies, in fact the only danger in sport is the risk the entire game stays in book.

In sport there is a single moment that puts this book in its place, The zero moment, you have this one moment where this situation has never happened in the history of the universe. It’s the reason we love sport, this zero moment happens within all of these rules and regulations and this is why we love sport.

Every now and then you have an individual in the sport that changes the book all together.

They rewrite the rules and create their own book and the only way to beat these people is to jump so far out of the book that no one not even yourself knows what will happen. The advancement of sport is like writing your own book.

At Ludus Sports Performance, it is our mission to invent the methods to allow athletes to rewrite this book so the excitement of the game is never lost. We aspire to make the moments that people will talk about forever.

Training Evolved. Tomorrow you will be better than you were today.

Image licensed under Creative Commons Attribution to https://www.flickr.com/photos/74279471@N00/4568364848