Your best body ever has everything you need to know on how to lose weight and keep it off.

This programme is designed to give you the best results with the least amount of effort. I’ve added the most valuable tools to lose weight so you don’t have to worry about being over whelmed with miss-information.

What’s in the post?

The set up:

  • Find the meaning
  • Set your goal
  • Do it with someone
  • Create self awareness
  • Make it competitive
  • Consistently track your progress
  • How to track your progress

The Diet:

  • Foods that make you fat
  • Tips to get the best results
  • Foods for weight loss
  • Daily nutrition guide

Sweet extras

  • Shopping list
  • Example meal plan
  • Video tips from the handsome Ryan Gaias on: Reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass, getting a better nights sleep

If followed correctly most of you will lose almost 10kg of fat in one month. On average that will be 2 clothes sizes. The goal here isn’t just to have you feeling and looking better than ever before but to have people say “Wow, what the F… have you been doing to yourself”?
This will not be a comprehensive overview on all things weight loss but rather a quick and easy to follow guide for the best results.

THE SET UP – Find the meaning

First, you need to find you reason for action. Write down what losing the weight truly means to you, keep this piece of paper as a daily reflection for yourself. No matter how good your method for weight loss is. If, you don’t have a reason that truly means something to you, it will all be for naught. I promise you.

Set your goal

For most of you 10kg will make you look and feel like a whole new person. So I suggest setting a goal of 10kg. As tested in male perceptions of female looks, a difference of 10kg can make you go from a 6 to a 9/10.

Do it with a friend or group

You are much more likely to stick to your program and reach your goal if you find a weight loss buddy or group. Groups are ideal because you will be able to compare your progress with a range of people. Having a weight loss buddy or group will also increase your motivation and drive to succeed.

Create self-awareness

Before: Take before photos and announce to someone that you are setting on your weight loss journey. Those people who take a before photo and put it in an unavoidable spot i.e. the fridge. Have much greater results then those who don’t. Take photos from the front back and side in your underwear or bathers.

During: Take a photo of each of your meals before eating them. This is simple these days since everyone posts food on Instagram, Create a hash tag i.e. #myfooddiary even use us at #LUDIeats.

Also, send these pictures to your weight loss buddy, as previously discussed this will be the person going on the same journey as yourself. This is going to help stay from knocking off a full block of chocolate. For sizing put your hand next to each plate of food.

Studies have shown that people who record their meals lose 30% more weight than those who don’t and in studies comparing written diary entry and pictures, showed those who took pictures out did those who wrote their entries.

Make it competitive

Create a competition between yourself and your weight loss buddy/s the fear of loss will greatly increase your motivation.
Having weight loss buddy/s gives you the benefits of comparison. In a group, people with inferior results to you will make you feel good about yourself, where those with greater results will motivate you to try harder. The lesson here is to embrace peer pressure.
You can have weekly/bi-weekly competitions with your weight loss buddy/s using the data you’ll be collecting throughout your journey.

Consistently tracking your experience.

Consistently tracking will create awareness that leads to the right behavioural changes. The magical number of days you need to track until it becomes fun and habitual is 5. So those first 5 days are the most vital.

From day one, begin to track data, even if it’s just one of the following; I would recommend you take measurements, but you can also track calories or body weight.

If you’re interested in calorie counting I suggest using the nutrition template at the end of the document as your base, buy all of the foods in the first week and repeat. From there you will get a rough understanding of how many calories there is in each meal. It is important to not become consumed by calorie counting, because for the most part it’s bullshit and way too time consuming.

If you decide to weigh yourself it’s important to stay as consistent during the data collect as possible, so immediately upon waking drink 1L of cold water, wait 30 minutes and urinate before weighing yourself.

However, weighing yourself will not tell you the whole story, so don’t become disconcerted if the numbers aren’t constantly falling in your favour.
Measuring yourself will give you a much better idea of how you’re ‘measuring up’, pun intended. You will also need to track this data and I suggest using the table attached or plotting it into a spreadsheet.

How do I measure myself?

  • Get a tape measure and measure 6 locations
  • Both upper arms, mid bicep
  • Waist, horizontal at belly button
  • Hips, widest point between belly button and legs
  • Both legs, mid thigh
  •  Educate yourself

Exactly what you’re doing right now, so great start. But as you get more into it you’ll no doubt begin to read more and more. Just remember where your base is and don’t get too caught up in over thinking everything. Another option is to hire someone to educate you.


Foods that make you fat

Avoid white carbohydrates: All of the following foods are completely banned unless consumed 30 minutes after an intensive bout of resistance exercise. Don’t eat any of these unless you want to get fatter

  • Sugar!!
  • All bread
  • Rice *including brown
  • Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Potatoes
  • Tortillas
  • Fried food with bread crumbs
  • Milk & soy milk

Tips to get the best results

Eat the same few meals over and over: Consistency with your meals is key. The most successful dieters have the same few meals that they will eat over and over again.

Don’t drink calories: Drink mostly water throughout the day with a coffee in the morning (*earliest 9am). Followed by a tea if needed in the afternoon. No soft drink, juices, beer, white wine or milk.

Don’t eat fruit: It’s the same principal as the no sugar rule. The sugar in fruit (fructose) is broken down into the body just the same as table sugar so avoid it.

Have a cheat day: Thank the lord right, On this day go nuts, eat whatever your heart desires. If it’s an entire chocolate cake you crave, go for it. Just remember that you’re only allowed to have 1 of these days/week.
If possible eat out on your cheat day and make sure that all cheat foods are out of your house and in the bin before the end of that day, because you will eat it the following day. It is vital that you get your resistance training in on this day!

Foods for weight loss

Protein Legumes Vegetables Oils/Fats Spices/herbs Dressings
Egg whites Lentils (lower gas option) Spinach Coconut oil Sea salt Apple cider vinegar
Chicken breast Pinto beans Broccoli Ghee Thyme  
Grass fed beef Black beans Cauliflower Grass fed unsalted butter Sage  
Fish   Sauerkraut Olive oil Oregano  
Pork   Kimchi   Turmeric  
    Green beans      

You can eat as much as you like of these food items, just remember to keep it simple, have 3-4 meals and repeat them daily. If you go out or you’re at a restaurant ask for the side salad instead of the banned foods.

Most people will give up on a low carb diet due to a lack of energy. This is because vegetables don’t have anywhere near the caloric density of rice or bread, so add legumes for caloric load and up you vegetable intake!!!

*If you feel you need to snack between meals eat more. You will be able to eat 2-3x the volume of what you previously eaten. If you still feel the need to snack it’s a psychological issue and have a carrot.

Daily nutrition guide

Meal schedule: Make sure to have your first meal within an hour of waking, then subsequent meals every 4 hours or so. It may look something like this:

  • 7AM Breakfast
    • Scrambled egg whites with one whole egg, black beans and sautéed mixed vegetables/spinach.
  • 12PM Lunch
    • Grass fed beef, pinto beans, mixed vegetables and guacamole.
  • 4PM Second lunch
    • Avocado wrapped with salmon and sprinkled with salt
  • 6PM Training
  • 8PM Dinner
    • Grass fed beef, lentils and mixed vegetables
  • 10PM Bed

*Remember you want to keep your meals as simple as possible, this means easy to prepare, clean, buy, eat.

Drinking water

Drink at least 2L of water/day, immediately upon waking you should have 750+ml. Make a special effort to drink more water on your cheat day, or if it’s a training day.