How to create motivation that will last forever

Wanting to achieve big things should be a part of any athletes drive to become better. This can be anything from wanting to lose weight, put on more muscle, get stronger, be fitter, run faster and  improve sports performance. It’s great to WANT something to happen but unfortunatley unless you take action it won’t eventuate, wanting is not enough to create that lasting fire in your belly. Fortunately though there are many ways you can achieve something, in this article we’ll outline a few simple strategies you can implement to get that fire started.


Set specific goals

One of the first things that you need to do to create lasting motivation is set specific goals. This can be done using the S.MA.R.T goals system – Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely (if you would like to learn more on how to set a S.M.A.R.T goal check out this article “The importance of goal setting“). You want to set goals that moderate to hard, something that you definitely have to work on, but something that doesn’t take so much effort that you give up, they also can’t be too easy, you won’t see the point of doing it. The critical thing is that you set goals that you can actually achieve. Every time you achieve something you get a hit of endorphins which is a feel-good chemical rush to the brain and the more often you achieve your goals, the more likely you’re going set new ones, and then want go again and again. Once you’ve reached a goal celebrate the success of achieving that goal then think about your next goal, this is how you create long term motivation. It becomes a snowball effect, the goals might start really small, or they might be broken up from one big goal, the ideas is once you start hitting your goals you’ll become addicted and want more.


Create desire

You need to make sure that the pleasure of the success, is greater than the pain of taking action. This can be done by setting up a reward systems for yourself. Everytime you achieve a goal, you should reward yourself for achieving that goal. Rewards play on the endorphin rush as well, the more you get that rush the more your brain will want that euphoric feeling, this is how you create desire. This interplay can help you when times get tough and willpower just isn’t enough.  Willpower obviously can be used from time to time, but if you’ve got good strong systems in place, you can actually override your willpower a lot of times through desire. Now you’ve created a craving for success.