How to train to prevent re-injury

If you’re coming off an injury and you did rehabilitation work, it’s critical that you don’t stop there. To avoid re-injury you must continue to work on staying strong and building resilience.  A good Strength and Conditioning Coach (S&C) really comes into play in here, as they can help you not only stay resistent to injury but also help you improve your overall athletic performance. Together you should do a injury history report to see if there were any trends related to injuries, so that you might be able to implement a program that reduces the risk of those injuries happening again. When doing the injury history you should consider – Was training too hard at the time? Was training too little? Did you get sick and decide to just jump straight back in? Did you a “niggle” which you ignored longer than you should have. What you find will help you come up with some strategies, management plans, to avoid the injury from occurring again.


Work on your weaknesses

Find your weaknesses and keep your overall strength and conditioning going for as long as possible. As long as you’re an athlete, (as long as you’re alive), you should be doing something that benefits your health, and as an athlete your overall performance.  Look at all the information in your injury history report, find the reasons why you got injured and decide on what your going to do to make sure that it doesn’t happen again. Determine what exercises you need to do to make sure that injury doesn’t occur again, and what else you can do for the rest of your body, because there might be a lagging part somewhere else outside of the injured area that lead to the injury in the first place. Don’t just focus on the injured area, work on the body as a whole. For example, hamstrings, some of the issues with hamstring injuries can come from inefficient glute/hamstring/low back firing patterns, instability around the hip joint, lack of sprinting and speed work, therefore your hamstring didn’t really know how to tolerate the high velocities of running when you were playing your sport.


There is always going to be a risk of injury playing sport, however, if you are atleast trying to work on making your body as resilient as possible, you will be reducing the risk of injuries occuring.