Finding the correct exercises for your program

Start with your goals, what are you trying to achieve? Different exercises can elicit different outcomes so you need to make sure that the exercises you are doing in your program are going to help you achieve your goal. However, we all have our own uniqueness when it comes to exercising, you also need to choose exercises that best suit your movement capabilities. Find a Strength & Conditioning Coach (S&C), that can assess your movement quality, determine how you tolerate loads with those movements and find what the best movement pattern or exercise variation is for you. They will be able to take this information and adapt it to your goal, even though some exercises might be better for a certain goal, if you can’t execute that exercise well, then you potentially increase the risk of getting injured. For example; Back Squats are great leg strength and growth, however, not everyone is capable of executing a perfect Back Squat so they need an alternative. Some alternatives that will still achieve the same goal are Front Squats, Landmine Squats, Belt Squats, Goblet Squats and even Leg Press.


Avoid fitting round pegs in square holes

Don’t force yourself to do an exercise because broscience24 on instagram told you to do it, find a professional who understands human physiology, bio-mechanics and how athletes need to train. You need someone who can find the best exercises for you that to minimizes the risk, but maximize the rewards, that is how you individualize your programming. This also doesn’t mean doing the same exercises repeatedly, any good program has progression, this may mean starting with a simple exercise then progressing the complexity of that exercise to make it harder. Back to our squat example, Back Squat are actually quite a complex movement that needs to be taught and learnt well, although before jumping into them try Goblet Squats first as they are a great teaching exercises that can also build leg strength and mass. Choose the best exercises for you today, work towards improving it, but if you never get there it doesn’t matter, there’s so much variation and exercise stimulus that you can get doing so many different things, there’s so many tools in the tool shed that it doesn’t matter.