Take this opportunity

Not being able to play sport right now sucks! You worked so hard to get yourself in good shape for the season, then bang! Everything is suspended. However, those who are being be proactive as opposed to reactive are making the most of this situation. If you’re a semi-professional or an amateur-level athlete you’ve got an opportunity right now. You have the chance to keep working and be prepared ahead of the rest of your competition. Those who don’t do anything over the next few months and then expect just to jump straight back into the sport with no issues are at a very high risk of injury.

We know that training consistency and playing is one of the best ways to prevent injuries. Now you area going to have to modify what you do although something is ALWAYS better than nothing. You may not reach your physical peak all performance is realitive. If you do what you can vs your opposition who choose to do nothing, you in the long run will be in better shape.┬áThere are still parks for you to practice skills, run, change direction and sprint. There’s more than enough exercises that can be done at home and with some creativity you can develop a sound strength and conditioning program.

Grab a training partner and workout together even if it’s online! Something is better than nothing, be prepared and take action now! #preseason2. Let’s get it done.