Make the most of your time

Just because your at home doesn’t mean you’re automatically more likely to workout more. You still have to make the time to workout. The positive now though is you maybe saving time by not having to travel to a physical gym, although, how you use that time though is another thing.


Schedule an appointment with yourself
Write it down, put it in your diary, upload it to your schedule. If you are currently not using a scheduling system I highly recommend you do, it could be as simple as having a white board in your room with “Things to do today” on it. Set an alarm/notification on your phone to go off 10 minutes before you want to workout. The important thing is to not matter what stop what your doing and go and workout (unless it’s an emergency). It may seem like a struggle at first but after a while it will be habitual and you wont even need the reminder.


Make it obvious and easy
To help you get into the habit of working out at a regular time do things to make it obvious and easier to execute. For example, set out your workout clothes in an obvious place, so when it comes time put your workout clothes on, if you’ve taken the time to put your gym clothes on you may as well do some training in them. Make it easy to workout at home by setting up a special “gym” area in your house. Make the space welcoming and comfortable (not your dark drab back room). A well lit open area is great as it’s motivating and inviting, meaning you’ll want to be in that space.


Micro workouts
If 60 minutes seems like too long to be working out at one time, break it up over the day. You could do 20 minutes first thing in the morning, 20 minutes before or after lunch and 20 minutes in the afternoon. This will actually help you break up your day and keep you motivated to get other tasks done. See these workouts as a little rewards for working hard. They don’t have to be overly hard or strenuous just enough to get the blood flowing or you can literally break up your normal workout into 3 separate mini workouts (don’t feel like you have to warm up for each one though).

If you normally make time to go to the gym then you have no excuse not to continue training while we are in lockdown. If you have trouble going to the gym then this is the perfect time to start a new regime!