Lack of motivation?

Lockdown has gone on long enough that you might find yourself lacking motivation to contain to train hard. Don’t stress this is completely normal and more people are going through this than you think.


Take a break
Working hard with out a clear end insight is very challenging. It’s hard to set longer term goals when there is no real start date for the return of sports. If your starting to losing motivation, don’t quit but take a break. Take a few days or a few to freshen up mentally and physically to refocus. Try something different and have fun with it. After a few days you’ll find your motivation has come back and you’ll be ready to crank up the training again. If your motivation doesn’t come back you need to start searching for your ‘WHY’.


Find your why
Why do you do what you do? It’s a heavy question many haven’t stopped to think about. Finding your why can help you define your purpose in life although in the context of athletic performance let’s keep it simple why do you play sport? Use the 5 Why’s exercise to find the true reason you play sport, for example;

1. Qu- Why do I play sport? An- Because it’s fun and it makes me happy.

2. Qu- Why does it make you happy? An- Because I get to play with friends and I like winning?

3. Qu- Why is winning important to you? An- It makes me feel good

4. Qu- Why do you want to feel good? An- It helps me stay positive and enjoy life.

5. Qu- Why do you want to enjoy life? An- It makes life worth living.

As you can see a very surface level answer to Question 1. turns into a thought provoking and meaningful answer by Qusetion 5. If your answer to Question 5. gets your heart racing and blood pumping then you’ve found your why and the real source of your motivation. If Question 5. didn’t get you going then keep delving deeper, be preapred to find something you’ve been hiding which may cause you to become emotional, this is very normal and encouraging as you’ve likely found your why! A great resource to learn more about finding your why is Simon Sinek’s book – Find Your Why: A Practical Guide to Discovering Purpose for You or Your Team.


Trust the process
Only thinking about the end game is an emotional trap that has an extreme highs and lows. Athletes who find success often celebrate in the moment yet find that moment passes and life returns to normal. This can either inspire them to work hard and find that moment again (which it may never happen) or it can discourage them due to the extremely challenging nature of achieving ultimate success (gold medal, championship, premiership).

You may of heard a coach say “Enjoy the process”, which you often only half listen to, although, there is great wisdom in this statement. It takes longer to climb the mountain than it does to stand at the top. Do you want to spend 90% of your life doing something you hate for the of 15 minutes of ecstasy? Sure achieving your goals is awesome and brings great joy, however, it shouldn’t come at the cost of your long term mental. You must find enjoyment in getting to the top of the mountain to truly obtain a sense of achievement. Enjoying the process brings longer periods of happiness than just a single moment, it also gives you the thurst to want to achieve more.


Re-gaining motivation is easier said than done, yet, the next step is to take action. Take a break, find your why, re-assess your process or just take three deep breathes. Action creates motivation!