Get back doing the things you love to do

Are you currently injured or have been injured for a while? Have you tried everything to rehab yourself but nothing seems to have worked? Ludus wants to help you get back on your feet and stop missing out on the things you love doing.

Our friendly Physiotherapist and Re-conditioning coaches will develop a manageble treatment plan based on a thorough assessment.

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Are injuries and pain holding you back?

Can you imagine yourself not injured anymore and out of pain? What does that look and feel like? Imagine it right now. Ludus wants to help you get that feeling back.

Make it an opportunity to get better

We understand how frustrating injuries can be, but we also know how to turn them around and use this time to bounce back stronger than ever. We’ll not only fix your current problems but also work on the rest of the body, so you can return better than ever.


Overcome set backs

Rehabilitation has plenty of challenges both physically and mentally. We want to help you get out of pain and get back to full function. We will help you overcome those challenges and become mentally and physically more resilient.


Constant support

Ludus takes an individualised approach to rehabilitation, we will give you a plan that will support your return back to full duties. We’ll be with you every step of the way guiding you and helping you through the rehabilitation process, even when life gets in the way.



Is this your opportunity?

Do you know how to bridge the gap between rehabilitation and return to sport or work? We see rehabilitation as an opportunity to work on neglected areas and come back from injury bigger and better than ever. Let’s us help you not only return from injury but be more awesome than before!

You're not injured anymore

For many people, being injured becomes a part of who they are. Ludus will to help you break the stigma and shift your thinking to high performing/function. We want to help you feel physically and mentally strong, capable of taking on any challenge.


Get on the right plan

It’s easy to only focus on your injury, however, the rest of your body is still very capable and needs your attention. Our reconditioning plans not only include specific injury exercises, they also consider other goals you may have.

Build it together

The reconditioning process is a full team experience. Our physiotherapist and reconditioning coaches work together to give you the best results. We also include you in the decision making process especially when returning to sport or work.

How do I find Ludus?

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