“What do you do at Ludus?”

A: We help anyone who is seeking to improve and better themselves, we do this through individualised programming, support from a coach and a safe inclusive environment. When you join Ludus you don’t just become a member you “Join the Legion”.


Why should I have a coach?”

A: A coach will provide you direct feedback on your performance to help you get better while supporting you through your training to ensure you achieve your goal! Our staff have a wealth of experience across a range of sports and scenarios to provide you with the best possible experience!


“How does online coaching work?”

A:  You will be assigned a personal coach who will write your program based off your responses to the initial questionnaire when you sign up. You are able to come in for assessments and personal coaching sessions, this just need to arranged with your Coach. Your coach will check in on you once a week and have monthly reviews with you, there is also the option to send through videos of your exercises to the coach to allow them to check in on how you are going.


“What if I don’t want/can’t afford coaching?”

A: That is okay! You will still have a program written up for you and you are able to come into the gym when ever you like and if you have any queries about your program there will be coaches on the gym floor who can assist you. We would recommend doing a monthly ‘walk through’ with your coach to ensure you know what they want from each exercise.