Growing as a professional

We want to close the gap between what you learn in the classroom and what happens in real life. We believe formal education (TAFE, University, School) allows you to get started but the real learning happens in the gym.

We offer a unique experience that allows you to see how we help our clients achieve their goals. You won’t just be sitting back and watching though, we want you hands on and learning from the best.

So, if you want to get a headstart in the industry contact us for a FREE initial consult.


What impact do you want to have on the industry?

Can you picture what your life and career will look like in six months, one year, five years and ten years time? Really imagine what that looks like. Are you currently on the right path to achieve those career goals?

Become the professional you want to be

We are going to give you the tools and industry secrets that we use everyday to get the most out of clients and ourselves. We’ll help you find your unique abilities and teach you how to apply them in the real world.


You got this!

This mentorship is also about developing you as a person. We believe it’s critical to know how to help yourself first before you can help others. We do this through 1 v 1 mentoring sessions where you’ll learn how to – discover your purpose, leverage your values, build a strong mindset, become a better leader and much more.


Learn from those in the trenches

Over the course of the mentorship you’ll have the opportunity to learn from industry experts and upskill in the areas of speed, strength, conditioning, recovery, programming and much more. You’ll also get the opportunity to apply your new found knowlegde to real world clients.

The mentorship. It allowed me to think about a lot of things that I feel but don’t necessarily discuss. I feel the mentorships allowed me to understand myself better and figure out the type of coach I want to aspire to be.


The fun, welcoming and humble environment. This was perhaps the best part of the experience. Made it so easy to learn and it made me feel apart of the gym from the very start. Also the mentoring aspect. I believe I got alot out of this part of the internship. Being able to speak about things I’ve never had the opportunity to speak about before and find meaning in these experiences really put things in perspective for me. Being able to speak thoroughly about leadership, goal setting, mindset. This whole thing was really new to me and I enjoyed every second of it.


The diversity, the availability of help and advice, the different coaches taking on roles of teaching, allowing a more diverse and better delivery (opposed to listening to same person over and over).


How do I find Ludus?

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